Misfits E4 Tv Series Music Guide

music featured on the skins tv series programme

Series 2 Episode 1: Tony and Maxxie
skins music for season 2


Here you'll find a list of the music that features in the latest season of the skins series on Channel 4 and E4

Tracks featured in this episode:

Skins theme:
opening credits

J.S. Bach – Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor

scene :start of the episode set in the church

Segal – Clutch
scene : opening dance scene with Maxxie

Grizzly Bear - Knife

scene :Maxxie and Toni are sitting on the bus and Toni gets freaked

grizzly bear

These Animal Men – Flawed is Beautiful
scene :Tony at the bus
stop with Chris Jalander

Julian Ronnie – Dog Dance

scene :Maxxie's dad (Bill Bailey) dancing with his dog

Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
scene :Maxxie lying on his bed while his mom and dad argue

Day One – Bad Before Good

scene :Maxxie's rooftop dance

day one

Posh Kenneth aka MC Toby Welch (prod by CDK) – In Her Face
:At the rave, Posh Kenneth at the helm

DJ Shadow – Organ Donor
scene : At the Rave, Jalander does a little bump and grind. Sid's mighty scotland starts to take effect
Taken from the album 'Endtroducing'

DJ Shadow Endtroducing

DJ Shadow – Artifact
scene : At the Rave, Tony starts to freak out, Maxxie loses him

Taken from the album 'The Outsider'

DJ shadow Endtroducing

Tunng – Engine Room
scene :
Tony leaving the house with his sister to go to the party

Taken from the album 'comments of the inner chorus'


Segal – Clutch (reprise)
scene :Maxxie is chased by gang outside at the rave

Feist – Limit To Your Love
scene :
End of the conversation with Sid and Michelle chatting in the garden at the rave with Tony listening in the background
Taken from the album 'The Reminder'

feist reminder

Asobi Seksu – Thursday

scene : Maxxie helps tony to write, right at th end of the episode
Taken from the album 'Citrus'

Asobi Seksu Thursday


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