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Season 4 Trailer

Trailer track: Designer Drugs - Drop Down

Top 20 Downloads from Series 4

1. Temper Trap– Sweet Disposition
album - Conditions

2. Broken Records – A Promise
album - Until the Earth Begins to Part

3. Dirty Epics – We're Coming Up
- Straight In (No Kissing)

4. Six Day Riot – Every Third Sunday
album - 6 Day Riot Have a Plan

5. Dinosaur Jr. – Said The People
album - Farm

6. UNKLE – Heavy Drug (Surrender Sound Mix)
album - Where Did The Night Fall

7. zZz – Ecstasy
album - Sound of zZz

8. Bass Clef - Heartbroken Soca Cascade
album - May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way

9. Panda Su – Eric is Dead
album - Sticks and Bricks

10. Stina Nordenstam– And She Closed Her Eyes
only available on the album - And She Closed Her Eyes

11. Mumford and Sons – The Cave
album - Sigh No More

12. Dawn Landes
– All Dressed In White
album - Sweet Heart Rodeo

13 John and Jehn
Fear Fear Fear
album - John and Jehn

14. Sparklehorse - Hey, Joe
album - Good Morning Spider

15. Band of Skulls
- Honest
album - Baby Darling Dollface Honey

16. Port O'Brien - Tree Bones
album - Threadbare

17. Le Volume Courbe – Freight Train
ep - Freight Train/The House

Jonsi and Alex – Stokkseyri
album - Riceboy Sleeps

19. Nice Nice - Set and Setting
album - Extra Wow

20. The Ettes –Red in Tooth and Claw
only available on the album - Do You Want Power

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