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Episode 5: Freddie

Here you'll find a list of the music tracks that feature in Series 4 Episode 5 of Skins on E4 followed by a scene by scene guide. You can also see unseen footage of Effy and buy all the Skins DVDs, Skins: The Novel and Skins: The Soundtrack

Tracks featured in this episode:

The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
Pedro - Fear and Resilience (Dangermouse remix)
Segal - Moonchild I
Stina Nordenstam - Fireworks
Sparklehorse - Hey, Joe
Segal - Moonchild II
Bass Clef - Heartbroken Soca Cascade
Pixies - Tony's Theme
Segal - Explorer I
Bonnie Prince Billy - Ebb Tide
Segal - Explorer II

Bass Clef - Kiss Me
Segal - Carnivalesque
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Charlotte
Amazing Broken Man
- New Year Son
- Explorer III
Band of Skulls - Honest

Unseen Effy:

by scene breakdown:

Scene: Freddie and Effy getting high at Effy's house
Track: The Bug feat. Warrior Queen -
Poison Dart

Scene: Freddie leaves for home and onto the disciplinary with Mr T. Love
Track: Pedro -
Fear and Resilience (Dangermouse remix)

Scene: Freddie finds Effy in her mum's room madly cutting out
Track: Segal -
Moonchild I

Scene: Freddie consoles Effy and works through the night. Here's the album this beautiful track comes from
Track: Stina Nordenstam -

Scene: Freddie in his history exam and trying to learn about Effy's condition on the internet
Track: Sparklehorse
Hey, Joe

Scene: Freddie on the park bench making an origami swan out of the depression leaflet
Track: Segal -
Moonchild II

Scene: Freddie gets a lift to Effy's house with Rickshaw Rick - this is playing at the party as he arrives
Track: Bass Clef -
Heartbroken Soca Cascade

Scene: Freddie throws everyone out
Track: The Pixies -
Tony's Theme

Scene: Freddie doodling while Effy sleeps, then back to the shed to talk to Cook
Track: Segal -
Explorer 1

Scene: Freddie gets Effy up, gives her a bath and takes her out. Click the link for the album this gorgeous (bonus/hidden) track is on
Track: Bonnie Prince Billy -
Ebb Tide

Scene: Freddie and Effy lying down in the field - Effy talks about her demons with Freddie and Anthea returns home
Track: Segal
- Explorer II

Scene: Freddie drives the rickshaw into the Carnival
Track: Bass Clef
- Kiss Me

Scene: Freddie breaks into the bathroom at the old people's home and finds Effy in a desperate state
Track: Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Charlotte

Scene: Freddie and his sister wait in the corridor at the hospital, Freddie goes in to see Effy and she tells him to leave
Track: Amazing Broken Man -
New Year Son

Scene: Freddie does a runner after talking to Anthea, he tears down Effy's collage and burns it in the garden - Cook arrives
Track: Segal
- Explorer III

Scene: Next time (we love this track!)
Track: Band of Skulls -

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