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Episode 1: Morocco

Frankie Season 5 episode 1 Skins

Season 6 Starts with a Bang!

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Below you'll find a list of the music that features in episode 1 Season 6 of Skins as shown on UK Tv, Channel 4 and E4, each track is followed by a scene by scene guide, so you can track down which track is which

Tracks featured in episode 1 are as follows:

Azealia Banks - 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
On mopeds in Morocco

The War On Drugs
– Baby Missiles
Scene: Driving to their villa

Frankie Goes To Hollywood -Relax
Scene: Frankie enters the changing room

Hanni El Khatib
– Build. Destroy. Rebuild.
Scene: ALl chilling out around the pool with no water in it

The Smiths
– How Soon Is Now?
Scene: Franky and Matty turn up

– Issawa Style
Scene: Boys create a homemade shower

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
– Your Own Spell

Scene: Grace and Rich in their apartment on the roof

Francoise Hardy - All Because Of You
Grace singing to Rich
- Performed by Jassica Sula

Segal - Trainjek Nostril
Party round at dodgy Luke's apartment

Nick – Morocco's Festival - Simon & Shaker Teramik Remix
Scene:Luke dances his dick off

Dark Dark Dark
– Wild Goose Chase
Scene: Mini wonders around the villa

Sporto Kantθs
– Slits
Scene: Rich and Grace on the rooftop laughing

- Police Academy 6
Scene: Messin around poolside music on the radio

- Copacliasexicalla
Scene: Beach Party

- Look Up

Scene: More beach party music

Segal - Temper
Scene: More music on the beach

Segal - Forbidden Balls
Scene: Yet more music on the beach

Tim Hecker – Chimeras
Scene: Liv talking with the local morrocan boy is told that Luke is a dodgy geezer and to steer well clear gee

Venetian Snares - Hand Throw
Scene: Car chase

Scott Matthews – Eyes Wider Than Before
Scene: Nick at college thinking

Venetian Snares - Hand Throw
Scene: Car chase

Francoise Hardy - All Because Of You
Scene: Car chase

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