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Episode 2: Rich & Grace
Frankie Season 5 episode 1 Skins

Hark! Children of the revolution... behold 'Fuck Norris'! ...For those of you about to rock we salute you!

Here you'll find a list of the music that features in episode 2 Season 6 of Skins on Channel 4 and E4, followed by a scene by scene guide so you can easier spot which track is which

Tracks featured in episode 2:

Fuck Norris - Filthy Woman
Rich, Allo and O'Malley rockin out rehearsing to take over the world of rock. Track written by 'Paul Childs'

It's Alright To Follow
Scene: Rich sneaks up to see Grace in the hospital

Challenge - Broken Clock
Scene: Rich and Grace get it on in her hospital bed

East Harlem
Scene: Rich waves his folks off on their hols and then gets on his bike

Katrina and the Waves
Walking on Sunshine
Scene: Playing on Prof Bloods radio alarm

Lucy Rose
Don't Worry
Scene: Rich watches old video of Grace

Phil Collins
Easy Lover

Scene: Rich on the phone to the hospital, holding music

Apparat - Black Water
Rich tells Allo he wants to be alone and retreats into a dark room to watch more videos of Grace

Guadalupe Plata - Lorena
Rich and Allo have a spot of fisticuffs

The Game - Put You on the Game
Scene: Music playing on the car radio from Rider's car as he picks up Mini's from Prof Bloods house

DJ Set listen on Soundcloud
Scene: Mini wonders around the villa

Fuck Norris
We Are One Fuck Norris on Facebook
Scene: The band rock out at the party

- You Tell Me
Scene: Rich searches for Grace

- Vessel listen on Soundcloud

Scene: Nice scene with Rich and Grace making love

Apparat - Black Water
Rich comforts Prof Blood on the stairs

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