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Episode 6: Nick
 Alex Season 5 episode 3 Skins

The boy's got it bad! Will he get the girl?... Find out in Nick's epsisode

Here you'll find a list of the music that features in this episode of Skins on Channel 4 and E4, followed by a scene by scene guide

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

Scene: The whole gang at some new age hippy party. Opening sceney

Digital Appalachia -Tear Down The Walls
Scene: Hippy band take the stage

Johnny Flynn
- Lost And Found
Scene: Nick gives Franky a twosy on his bike

Aphex Twin
- Jynweythek
Scene: Nick is well impressed with Franky's bedroom

Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love
Scene: Nick accidentally blasts out the music

- We're Not French
Scene: Nick looks for money at home to help Matty

Vena Cava
- Sleep Soundcloud
Nick goes to see 'The Doctor'

Segal - Jambata Soundcloud
At the club Nick plans to get messed up

Woolford and Psycatron - Stolen
Nick on the prowl, spots Carly and goes in for the kill

Múm - Dancing Behind My Eyelids
Franky shows up at Nick's and gets to meet Carly

Ray Mang
- Look Into My Eyes
Scene: Nick pretends to be Leon Levan on the phone to the bank

Honour Before Glory
- Monochrome In Sunshine
Nick is told he needs to raise another grand by the doctor so he rings Alo, who is still partying at the club

- Returning of the Purity of Current
Scene: Back at the club

Rich James
- Hypno-Ties
Scene: Nick pours his heart out to Franky

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Your Own Spell
Nick and Franky get it on

Next Time On Skins
The Buzzcocks
- Ever Fallen In Love

Trailer for next week's episode

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