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Episode 7: Alo
Alo Season 6 Skins episode 7 Farm boy Alo dressed as Peter Pan

See what 'FarmBoy' gets upto in this weeks episode

Here you'll find a list of the music that features in this episode of Skins on Channel 4 and E4, followed by a scene by scene guide

Martin Solveig - Boys and Girls (Laid Back Luke remix)

Scene: Alo as Peter Pan parties hard!y

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Bournemouth
Scene: Alo spots Poppy

Yousef - Legacy

Scene: Making cocktails

Bottom Of The Hudson - Fantastic Hawk

Scene: Alo drives Poppy home

Segal - Like A Lark Soundcloud
Scene: Alo takes Poppy for a picnic on his tractor

Tom Rosenthal - Forgets Slowly
Scene: Playing catch in the woods

Segal - Flaggy and Moyd Soundcloud
Scene: Alo and Poppy kiss

Martin Solveig - Hello

Scene: Poppy and Alo do the Underpants Dance

Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red
Playing in Poppy's parents kitchen as they argue

Lady (ft Fella) - I Need
Alo surrounded by kids bumping and grinding at Poppy's party

Christopher Willits - Intend-Evolve

Scene: In the exam Alo and Mini have a moment... with a pen

Tom Rosenthal - Lights On But Nobodys Home

Alo loses it after he is thrown in the cell

Segal - Caro Soundcloud
Scene: Alo reflects in the cell

Pandit - Pack Your Bags

Scene: Alo leaves Rich and waits at a bus stop but can't get picked up

Cave Painting - Rio

Scene: Alo pays Mini a visit

Segal - Gookie Soundcloud
Scene: Alo bears his soul to Mini

Segal - Everywhere Soundcloud
Scene: Poppy's dad lays into Alo

Tom Rosenthal - Take Care
Alo and Mini in the barn, Mini leaves while Alo is on the phone to Poppy and doesn't get to tell him her news

Listen to the tracks on E4's Spotify playlist

Listen to Segal on Soundcloud playlist

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