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Episode 4:Franky
 Alex Season 5 episode 3 Skins

oooh he's a bad 'un! Is Franky being led astray?

Here you'll find a list of the music that features in this episode of Skins on Channel 4 and E4, followed by a scene by scene guide

Track featured in the E4 Trailer Season 6 Episode 4
Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect ( Alex Metric Remix)

Owl Vision - Antichrist
Franky dancing in her room with headphones on

Zola Jesus
– Night
Scene: Franky storms out of the exam

Rustie - Hyperthrust
Scene: Franky leaving the pool hall

Moon Duo
- Killing Time
Scene: Franky calls Mini on her mobile but mini is!

- Dex Soundcloud
Scene: PLaying in Luke's motor

Segal - Alex Handcock's MMA Disater Soundcloud
Scene: Alex plays cards

Teen Daze - Malacandra
Franky leans out of the car window

Phoenix Unique - Just Don't Give a Fuck Soundcloud
Scene: Franky flunks her exam and goes to the pool hall

Widowspeak – Limbs
Luke drops Franky off home to her Dad's

How To Dress Well
– Suicide Dream 2
Scene: Franky sees Gracie on the swings

Florence + The Machine
–Shake it out (The Weekend Remix)
Scene: Franky goes to therapy and sees Gracie

– Salt Lake Cuts
Scene: Franky goes back to see Luke

Marianne Faithful
– Broken English
Scene: Nick saves Franky from the fight in the pool hall

Segal -
Lincolnshire Soundcloud
Scene: Luke gives Nick a beating

Twin Sister – The Other Side of Your Face
Rough sex with Luke

Teen Daze – Watch Over Me
Frankie walks out on Luke while he's in the shower

Anna Calvi – Desire
Franky goes round and sees Nick and sorts things out

Listen to the tracks on E4's Spotify playlist

Listen to Segal on Soundcloud playlist

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